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Holiday in Cagliari Sardinia!
Cagliari is an attractive town that greets its visitors with lots of colours and sun shine almost all year long.

Its beauty can be appreciated at first sight; it features incomparable panoramas. It attracts many travellers with its richness and special features. 

A book in each room

Sometimes I think heaven must be one continuous unexhausted reading.

- Virginia Woolf -

A good book is like a good friend, reading is like feeling cradled, you can give yourself a break after a frenetic day in the city streets, you can forget the heaviness after long working hours and be absorbed in a wonderful story.

This is the new project Hotel Italia has carried out for its guests. One book in every room, one choice, free of charge, of 100 titles from the best authors in different languages, from the contemporary fiction to the great classics and to the Sardinian writers, who are the pride of our island.

You can choose your favourite book, turn off TV and enjoy relax.

Because we always have time for a good book, even in the middle of a wonderful vacation.

Download here the menu of books!